"My Queer Faith" Concert with Kimayo


Published: May 10, 2023

Sunday, May 21, 4 pm, 1040 Sanctuary 

("This concert is open to adults and mature teens with parental discretion as this event contains sensitive topics relating to physical and mental health")

Kimayo opens up about her life, personal struggles, and overcoming hardships. From coming to terms with and celebrating her sexuality, to wrestling with her faith, she offers her experience with humility and vulnerability. Through poignant songs and narrative, Kimayo invites us all to welcome, affirm, and love unconditionally.

Artist Bio: Kimayo is a folk-pop artist, performing in New England since 2019. Her authentic and personal songs are relatable and vulnerable. Coming out as queer in Spring of 2021, her new music explores self-discovery with an adult contemporary sound. Her engaging performances even led to winning Best of the Lakes Region: Music (Solo) in 2022. Through her music, Kimayo seeks to cultivate connection, solidarity, and hope for each of her listeners.