In December 2020, after more than three years in the planning, Asbury First voted to approve a new Governance model designed to help us carry out our mission as disciples of Jesus Christ to love God and neighbor, live fully, serve all, and repeat.

We shifted from a Church Council to a Governing Board that, in conversation with the congregation, sets policy and direction and empowers the ministry teams to carry out the work of the congregation. The hope was that in this process we might streamline decision-making, articulate clear lines of authority, and most of all promote agency and action at the ministry team level.

In addition to its Disciplinary and fiduciary responsibilities, the Governing Board focuses on several open questions that are vital to Asbury First’s mission and ministry. In 2021, the Governing Board has especially focused on how the pandemic has shifted our mission and ministry and how to honor our commitments to inclusion and diversity, both locally and as a denomination.

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Monthly Executive Summary

Moving forward we will plan to post an executive summary of the content, discussion, and meaningful actions of each of our meetings within a week of the meeting here. While there are some aspects of our work that will need to be kept confidential (particularly as it relates to certain personnel and legal matters), we believe this will go a long way toward improving the transparency of our actions and conversations. 

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The Governing Board provides oversight for six committees, to whom some of the Board’s work is committed: Finance, Pastor Parish Relations, Property Stewardship, Outreach Center, Investment, and Nominations.

Please click the button below for updates on the focus of each of those committees to date.

Committees in Action

Special Church Conference and Town Hall Meeting

June 11, 2023

For several years, a team has been faithfully working together to explore the possibility of a columbarium at Asbury First—a sacred, consecrated location where urns of cremated remains are placed. We are pleased that the vote at the special Church Conference of this self-funded project passed. If you have questions about the Columbarium or would like to inquire about securing a niche, please contact the church office at 585-271-1050, reach out to a member of the pastoral team, or email us at

Immediately following the Church Conference, the Governing Board held another open Town Hall to share updates on various aspects of our life together and to answer your questions. Thank you all for the great participation and questions at our Town Hall meeting. Did you miss it? Watch the Church Conference and full forum by clicking the video below. For updates on the different Committee's work, visit

If you have questions or concerns, please email

Governance Structure


Governance Policy Book

To learn more about the rules and structure of our new Governance system, please read the Policy Book below, or download a copy here.

Governance FAQs

The Governing Board and Senior Minister will be hosting an Open Forum to answer your questions about the mission and ministry of Asbury First following the service on October 24. It will be both live-streamed and in person. We hope that you will plan to join us.

If you have questions that you would like for the Governing Board to answer, please email them at In the meantime, please check our regularly updated list of FAQs below.

Governing Board

The Governing Board provides oversight for six committees, to whom some of the Board’s work is committed: Finance, Pastor Parish Relations, Property Stewardship, Outreach Center, Investment, and Nominations. 

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Governing Board

For more information about any of our governance or committees, please contact the Governing Board at or call the church office at (585)-271-1050.