Is there childcare?

Yes, there is always childcare for our services. We have both an infant and toddler room for children ages 0–4.

Are children welcome in your worship services?

Certainly! We believe that children are sacred gifts and they are always welcome. We recognize that children can become restless during worship and therefore provide children’s bulletins and activity bags at the doors to the Sanctuary. For those parents who choose it, we have child care available for ages 0–4 and an enrichment program during the last service for children 4 years old through 5th grade.

Asbury First is a large church. How can I be sure I won't get lost in the crowd there?

Our pastors, leadership staff, and members work very hard to get to know the people who worship and serve at Asbury First. You might be surprised at how quickly we’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know us! Our size allows us to offer many different occasions for meaningful fellowship from regular classes to our music and arts programs to the daily service and outreach opportunities.

Can someone attend worship without being a member?

Of course! You are welcome to be involved in the church at virtually any level without being a member. There are only a few administrative committees that require membership.

Are all United Methodist churches the same?

No. While all United Methodist churches follow the Book of Discipline in regard to doctrine and practice, churches are as varied as people. Some have a very conservative nature and others are more liberal.

Is Asbury First handicap accessible?

We have three buildings on campus. The main building, where worship takes place and children’s Sunday School happens, is currently fully accessible with two elevators and handicapped bathrooms. Our Community Outreach Center —"1010" building (the red brick building west of the main building) — is fully accessible after a recent renovation. Our “1050” building is not currently accessible. We anticipate adding elevators and ramps in the next couple years to make every building fully accessible.

How do I find out what's going on at Asbury First?

You’ll find info on events, group meetings, etc. via the events tab on this website, in the Sunday morning worship bulletin, through our regular e-blasts link to e-news sign up, through our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, or through our regular newsletter, the Visitor.

How do I get involved with choir or other musical, outreach, or fellowship goups?

For information on any of our ministries, please browse this website, speak with one of our ministers, or check with the church office at (585) 271-1050. We will either answer your questions or direct you to someone who can.

How do I find a Sunday School class or fellowship group that is a good fit for me?

We have Sunday School classes for all ages and a variety of interest groups. Find out more here.

Can I be married at Asbury First if I'm not a member?

The church is available to non-members for weddings. For information on weddings or baptisms click here, or call the office at (585) 271-1050.

When is the UR Well Clinic open?

The UR Well Clinic is seeing patients every Thursday evening from 6–8:30 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 585-271-1050 or by clicking here to make an appointment online. The clinic provides acute care services, including asthma, pains/aches/strains/sprains, rashes, allergies, cold/flu, diabetes, and more. For more information, click here.

What do United Methodists believe?

The mission of The United Methodist Church is "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." You can find out more information on United Methodist beliefs by clicking here.

What does it mean to be a member of Asbury First United Methodist Church?

There’s one thing that Christians worldwide can agree upon: if you have been baptized, you’re already a member of the church. Being part of a particular United Methodist congregation means placing your name officially on its rolls. Our membership allows us to have a voice within the larger denomination. Being a member also allows a person to fully participate in and vote in church conferences.

What is expected of members?

We encourage all members to worship regularly; to grow in their faith by participating in a small fellowship or outreach groups, classes, or other opportunities; to serve God with their hands by serving both in the church and in the world; and to give in proportion to their gifts.

How do I join Asbury First UMC?

Several times a year we offer a short series of classes for new members. Check the events calendar or bulletin to find out when the next one is happening. There, you’ll learn more about our church, what it means to be a United Methodist, and you’ll find out about Asbury First’s ministries. Click here for more information.

What should I wear to the service?

Please dress comfortably. There are some who attend worship services in suits or dresses, others who wear jeans and sandals. Either is appropriate: what’s important is your presence.

Can anyone participate in communion at Asbury First?

Our communion table is open. All are welcome to participate in the Lord's Supper as this meal is for God's family and we are all God's Children. We only ask that those coming to the table do so earnestly seeking the new life and forgiveness that is being offered. Communion is served by intinction, in which the bread is dipped in the juice and both are taken together.

Can I get a copy of past sermons?

Yes. Our services are live-streamed and archived on our website. We also have sermons available in podcast form. If you would prefer a written copy, please contact the office at (585) 271-1050, and one will be made for you.