Sacraments & Rites

Asbury First United Methodist Church are grateful to be a part of the Rochester community and a part of your most important life events. 


Baptism is a sign of our commitment to follow Jesus Christ and his teachings, and to be a part of the fellowship and love of Christ's holy Church. Click here to find more information about what the United Methodist Church believes about baptism.

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In selecting Asbury First, you are choosing a Christian service and asking for God's blessing upon your decision to be united in marriage. We are honored and pleased to share in your wedding plans. We want to help you make this special day as meaningful and significant as possible.

In selecting a pastor to officiate, you may request any of our pastoral staff. This request will be honored if that pastor is available. We invite you to make church attendance and participation in church programs part of your marriage lifestyle and relationship. Church affiliation by a couple can deeply enhance a marriage. A wedding manual, with fee structure for members and non-members, is available in the church office. To find out more about music that may be played at your wedding, please contact the church office.

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United Methodist teaching on death is grounded in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments and grows out of reflection on those sacred texts. At the heart of that teaching is God who is life and gives life. United Methodists recognize a living tradition of interpretation of the experience and meaning of death, and we seek to bring thoughtful consideration of engagement with Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. Click here to find out more about what the United Methodist Church believes about death and dying.

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If you have questions or for information on scheduling a baptism, wedding, or memorial service, please contact the Deb Bullock-Smith at or by calling 585-271-1050 x117.