Live Stream

All are welcome. Thank you for joining us this week!

To view the live stream, please click the image below when the white "play" button appears. If the live stream is not transmitting, the image will be static. Once the stream begins (usually a little before the scheduled time), the white "play" button will appear, allowing you to access the live stream.


If you have problems or comments, send an email to our technical team at

Check In with Us

Thank you for worshiping with us today. We are glad you are here! Please take a moment to register your attendance by clicking the button below.



Our weekly bulletin includes everything you need to follow the service if you are listening on the radio or watching our live stream on your computer. It also includes announcements on upcoming events and information about the life of the church.

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Instructions for viewing live stream on TV or devices Troubleshooting Problems and FAQ

If there are any major disruptions in the broadcast, we will continue recording and will post the service in its entirety after the service has finished. Please check the Worship Archive after the broadcast to view the service, tune in to the broadcast on the radio at WRFZ 106.3 FM, or call and listen to the service at the toll-free number at 1-833-829-1050.