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Keeping Our Promise Needs Volunteers 

Published December 10, 2021

The Afghan families from the military camps continue to trickle into Rochester. We are so grateful to the volunteers who step up and assist these families during their first few months here. We continue to have a great need for ongoing help in this regard. We especially need local volunteers, who are available to help give rides and the like.

On Monday, December 13 a family of seven arrives. This family comprises two parents, two children, and three young adult siblings of one of the parents. On Tuesday, December 14 a family of four arrives: two parents, two children, etc.  


  • A volunteer to drive a wife back and forth to visit husband in Park Ridge. She also needs a first-floor bedroom and bath where she can stay while waiting for husband to return from hospital.
  • Linens are needed, as well as sewing machines, housing, volunteer coordinators and grocery store gift cards.  

Please visit the website for Keeping Our Promise at for more information and to sign up.

Identifying volunteers NOW does help the whole process, so please let me know ASAP if you can help! You will receive more information, literature, opportunity for a Zoom training session, access to a recorded Zoom session, and more. We are trying very hard to stay on top of helping our volunteers to help these families, but it is tremendously difficult to play catch-up, so please step up now if you can help!

We welcome you even if you have holiday plans. You are not expected to make any changes to those plans. We just need you to help when you can, in cooperation with your fellow volunteers.

Thank you, so very much, for your willingness to help these families settle in to their new, safe lives in Rochester! Please reply now if you are local and can help! Please be aware that I take volunteers in the order in which they reply. I do not track specific availability, so no need to share that--just a simple email response is all I need--you will work out specific workflow with your fellow volunteers

Feel free to reach out to Asbury First member Cindy Malone by email at, or text/call 585-645-4060.


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