A church is more than the building, and the members of Asbury First are proving this time and again. We aim to keep connected with an e-newsletter that will highlight the unique stories of our amazing community. In this way, we will share some of the incredible ways we are Better Together while being apart.

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Reflections of Asbury First by Dick Moncrief

Published September 18, 2022

Several years after retiring from Kodak at the end of 2003, I decided to find a position with a not-for-profit organization. I met many people in the Rochester area during the interview process. When I heard about the opportunity at Asbury First, I knew early on that the financial administrative position matched my criteria very closely. So, I started working at Asbury First in early 2006.
I was drawn to Asbury First by the excellent reputations of the staff, the music program, and the outreach program. The involvement of the congregation in the community fit with my background as well. I anticipated that this involvement would become a highlight in my activities at Asbury First.

One of the challenges I faced was getting to know the membership of the congregation in a positive manner. Sending out quarterly giving statements was a good way for members to get to know me better. From my experiences in other churches, I recognized that my thoughts about the involvement of members in the church were much more than purely financial. As a result, my letters accompanying the statements concentrated on the ministries and how much good they were doing for members and the community. Seeing all of this activity changed my life.

Changes in the life of Asbury First during my 16 years here have been dramatic. The staff works consistently very well together, as well as with the members, visitors, community, and the missions outside of this geographic area. I am impressed with how well the congregation works on improving the facilities. Significant upgrades to 1040 East Avenue have been made. The conversion of 1010 East Avenue to an Outreach Center is remarkable and provides new life to the community. Opportunities for our outreach abound in the community with the new center.

Working in 1050 East Avenue during my 16 years here, I see that improvements providing accessibility to the building and changes to the upper floor enabling appropriate usage will enhance the space greatly. That is another step in continuing Asbury First’s ministry to the community. Thank you all for making my service here a highlight of my life. Best wishes to you all.

— Richard "Dick" Moncrief


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