Disciple III Bible Studies Returns September 15 and 19


Published: Sept. 1, 2023

Fridays, Beginning September 15, 9:30-10:30, Zoom ( PW Disciple)
Tuesdays, Beginning September 19, 2:30–3 pm, Zoom ( PW Disciple)

The Disciple Bible Study series encourages participants to read portions of the Bible everyday, and offers a study guide to help focus our thoughts and questions. We gather together in community to share, reflect, and learn from one another on the readings from the week. This fall, we have two Disciple Bible Study groups that will both be meeting on Zoom.

Friday mornings will be led by Mike Mullin, and will be starting the second half of Disciple III which focuses on the Pauline Epistles. Tuesday afternoons will be led by Ruthellen Hoyle, and will be starting at the beginning of Disciple III, which focuses on the Old Testament prophets. Both groups are open to all. Please contact Mike Mullin with questions or for more information at or at 585-271-1050 x105.