KOP: Urgent Need for Caring Circle Volunteers


Published: June 22, 2023

Keeping Our Promise (KOP) has had a phenomenal start to 2023 — having ALREADY met their minimum resettlement goal for the whole of 2023! This week alone they had large families arriving almost daily.

We are still committed to assist each of these arrivals according to the same standards and vision as always, and to uphold the motto that is the ultimate litmus test in our decision-making, which is; ‘’What we do for one, we do for all.’’ In order to continue to provide each arriving SIV with the support they deserve, we ask our community once again for assistance.

These families need ‘’Caring Circles,’’ a network of first friends and advocates. People who will show them how to do things that we take for granted: like how to use the bus, or how to write a check! For someone to have tea with a time or two a month, or lend a friendly, sympathetic ear! With family being so far away, our volunteers fill an incredibly important void. 

If you, your friend(s), family, company, or club can help out, please contact to indicate your interest in joining a Caring Circle. All new members will receive training and support provided by KOP staff.