Warning: Scam/Phishing Emails or Texts


Published: March 2, 2023

It has come to our attention that some of our staff and members have been receiving text messages or emails from Stephen with odd requests, usually asking for money or gift cards. Please ignore these requests. The Asbury First staff will never ask you to send cash immediately or to give your personal information over an open email.

Here are a few guidelines to recognize scam/phishing emails or texts:

  • Be suspicious of urgent demands for information. Often spoofed e-mails will make some form of urgent request.
  • Look for misspelled words or grammatical errors in the message and/or hyperlink.
  • Avoid e-mailing personal and financial information.
  • Be watchful of general greetings.
  • Contact Asbury First directly to verify the request before responding.

Another way to avoid them is to check the email address and make sure it has at the end. If it does not, immediately delete the email before opening it as the staff will only contact you using official email addresses. For more information, please contact David Strong at