COVID Masking Update


Published: June 21, 2022

We are encouraged that the COVID-19 situation in our community is such that we are ready, once again, to adjust our masking policy from “masks recommended": to “masking by choice.” Everyone on our campus may choose to wear a mask at any time as an additional precaution to protect themselves and those around them. We will respect everyone’s choice in this matter. This policy is reflective of the updated CDC guidance and in line with what is happening in other public venues in our area.

We continue to encourage everyone to get vaccinated (and boosted when eligible). We are particularly mindful of protecting those who are not yet vaccinated—especially babies and very young children for whom the FDA has only recently approved vaccination. We continue to encourage everyone to practice good hand hygiene. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the campus. Additionally, we ask everyone to be respectful of individual preferences regarding social distancing and physical contact such as handshakes or hugging. When in doubt, ask first.

As we learned during these past two years of the pandemic, flexibility is essential. As the situation changes, we will continue to make decisions with the health and safety of the community in mind.

Thank you for your patience and your grace as we continue to find our way through these challenging times.

Peace and Blessings,
The COVID-19 Task Force