Interfaith Prayer Vigil


Published: May 25, 2022

Wednesday, May 25, 7 pm, In-Person and Livestreamed

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I began this Aldersgate Day—the unofficial birthday of the Methodist movement—praying that hearts would be strangely warmed. I end it with my own heart utterly broken. 

Eighteen elementary-aged children—mostly Hispanic, mostly poor—and three adults are confirmed dead as of this writing, murdered by an eighteen-year-old whose motivations are yet to be revealed.

This, just days after the murder of ten Black people by an eighteen-year-old white supremacist. While one happened in Buffalo and the other in Texas, both hit close to home. Although, we are still awaiting details of this latest shooting, one thing we know for sure: enough is enough.

Our obsession with guns, our paucity of mental health resources, our tolerance of violence, and our unwillingness to address the systemic injustices and racism of our world have created a terrifying new reality that cannot be allowed to stand.

As a people of faith, we will not stand for it. 

But whatever we do, it must begin in prayer—for the victims, for the survivors, for the perpetrators of violence, for true justice, for wisdom, for guidance. 

Let us join with our siblings of faith to offer our laments to God and our support to one another. To that end, Asbury First will host an Interfaith Prayer Vigil tomorrow evening (Wednesday, May 25) at 7 pm.  

While coming together will not mend our broken hearts, it will help us step outside that cycle of outrage and apathy to listen to who God is calling us to be.

Grace and Peace,