COVID and Worship Updates


Published: Sept. 22, 2021

What a gift it has been to worship together again! While we are grateful for the technology that has connected us during the pandemic and recognize the many who continue to utilize that medium for worship, it has been a true blessing to be able to see people back in the pews. As we anticipated, we have learned some things over our first couple of weeks back that, in the interest of everyone’s safety, we believe warrant some new policies and reminders:

  1. CHANCEL VACCINATION REQUIREMENT: While all are welcome in our worship services, we are implementing a policy that anyone participating in the leadership of our service (pastors, choir, acolytes, readers, etc.) will need to be fully vaccinated. Full social distancing is not always possible in the chancel and we believe that this, alongside mask-wearing, will help mitigate risk.
  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING IN PEWS: We have attempted to label the pews with signs to suggest where people could sit to maintain social distancing, but we ask that everyone remains diligent about trying to maintain six feet between family/pod/household groupings.
  3. TENT: One of the things that we miss most is being able to connect with one another following the service. To that end, we have erected a tent for the next month (or so) outside the Gathering Center to provide a location for those who would be more comfortable connecting outside following the service.
  4. HUGGING/HANDSHAKING: While so many of us love a good hug or handshake, we also recognize that during the pandemic this is complicated. Your staff is committed to finding other means of expressing our affection and we’d encourage you to do the same. Consider picking up a sign in the Welcome Hall that will let you share the love!

Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you have been doing to bring us back together safely. While it has been an adjustment, we firmly believe that the benefits of being together are worth the sacrifices we make to keep each other safe! For answers to frequently asked questions about our COVID policy, please click here. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Grace and Peace,