RJA Election Update — Get Out and Vote!


Published: June 11, 2021

Primary elections are on Tuesday, June 22. Early voting starts Monday, June 14. We urge you to consider voting in the primaries!

You can check your voter status and see your ballot by clicking here. Click on "Check my Voter Information" to find your polling place and see your ballot. Then you can research whom you want to represent you. The Democratic primary is county-wide, while the Republican primary is limited to Rush and Hamlin.

In a primary, the party selects its candidates for the General Election in November. It is how parties choose their message bearers and their message. Ordinary voters often overlook the primary, but it is important to get the votes of people who are looking for moderation in politics. It takes very few votes to sway the direction of a party and people with strong agendas can turn voters to move the party further to the left or right. 

Click here to view some posted debates between the candidates for Rochester City Council and School Board from the League of Women Voters.