Pretzel Sunday 2021


Published: March 18, 2021

For forty-four years Asbury First has been celebrating Pretzel Sunday and this year, though virtual, the tradition continues. Below you can learn more about this tradition and find links for a pretzel recipe (or use Wegman's pizza dough), a video of Mr. Rogers touring a pretzel factory and more!

The Story of the Pretzel

Around A.D. 672 Brother John, a monk who lived in a monastery in the German Alps, worked in a bakery with his assistant, Brother Bonafice.

It was time for the season of Lent when people spent more time in prayer. Children would pray with their arms crossed over their chest. So Brother John decided to use some dough to make "little arms" in the shape of their praying arms to remind us of this special time of prayer. The three holes in a pretzel are said to represent the Trinity: one God in three persons.

And so, as time passed, these little arms of prayer became known as pretzels. You may be used to thinking of pretzels as heart-shaped but turn one upside down and you will see the shape of the praying arms.

Learn More with Fun Links

  • Click here for an easy pretzel recipe!
  • Click here to see a video of Mr. Rogers touring a pretzel factory.

The Pretzel Prayer

I bow my head and twist my arms tight, before I climb in bed each night.

I say a prayer to God above to give Him thanks and feel His love.