Thank You Decoration Elves and O'Connell Electric!


Published: Dec. 2, 2021

The campus looks fully festive thanks to the amazing work of Amy Allen, James and Ali Parent, and the volunteer elves who put up the trees, wreaths, and lights on Wednesday at the Hanging of the Greens. We are so excited that we were able to gather together and make our space festive!

Also, a special thank you goes out to O'Connell Electric—Michael Parkes and his crew—for their work on getting the the front lawn Christmas tree up. They were here at dawn to set up the tree, and worked from early morning to mid-afternoon to get the angel on top and string the lights. All the lights were working when they left, but later in the day, we noticed that the upper lights were no longer lit. Property Caretaker James Flack spent time working on it—and later, Michael and Rob, one of the crew, who had come to participate in the Caroling Around the Tree event with their families, took it upon themselves to work on and, subsequently, get the upper lights functioning.

We are truly blessed for all these gifts of time and service! Thank you all!