The Wisdom of Jesus Class


Published: Dec. 23, 2020

Start off the new year contemplating some exciting and challenging perspectives on the teachings of Jesus. Rev. Kathy Thiel and I, Claude Adair, invite you to join us in an exploration that will use the book The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind—a New Perspective on Christ and His Message by Cynthia Bourgeault to spark new questions, inspire personal transformation, and deepen our appreciation for the teachings of Jesus.

This weekly, 90 minute session on Thursday evenings at 7 pm will run for 8 weeks starting January 14, 2021 via Zoom (click here for the Zoom link). The book is available to order on Amazon, and if you need a copy, please contact Kathy at (585) 271-1050 ext. 106, or Please do your best to read the Introduction and the first two chapters for our first session.

Early in the first chapter of Wisdom Jesus Bourgeault — a modern day mystic, Episcopal priest, writer, and professor — lays out her approach:

"The angle of approach I will be using throughout this book is to see Jesus first and foremost as a wisdom teacher, a person who clearly emerges out of and works within an ancient tradition called 'wisdom,' sometimes known as sophia perennis, which is in fact at the headwaters of all the great religious traditions of the world today."

Our intention is to provide an opportunity to share, discuss, learn and grow that will make our time together around this book much more than a typical book study. Please contact Rev. Kathy Thiel at (585) 271-1050 ext 106 or if you have any questions. We hope you will join us!