Parliament of the World’s Religions


Published: May 28, 2021

October 17–18, Virtual

The first Parliament of the World’s Religions gathered in Chicago in September of 1893. This was the first world-wide organized interfaith gathering. Faith leaders and members travelled for months for the opportunity to gather and celebrate diverse faiths and traditions together. This October, the 8th Parliament of the World’s Religions will gather virtually on October 17 and 18. We are looking forward to having a cohort of individuals attend from Asbury First UMC. The cost is $10 for students, and it starts at $70 for everyone else. You can sign up directly on the website linked above. 

The AFUMC cohort will meet at least once prior to the event, once during or immediately after the event, and once shortly after the event. Our hope is that through our participation we might help spread the good news and good work of this gathering to our local church and community. We often hear that we are better together, and this event is an opportunity to experience and practice what this means on a global and faith-filled scale. Please contact Mike Mullin ( with any questions and to let us know when you sign up!