Better Together Giving Progress

Thank you for your continued generosity. We did it!

Here are a few stories to illustrate how your help is put to good use:

"I’d like to thank each and every person who I met yesterday at the UR Well Clinic from the moment I entered the front door until I received health care. Specifically, I would like to thank the students from URMC for the attention and care they provided. I‘m sure, being the wonderful young human beings they are, they will make fine doctors in whatever field of medicine. Last but not least, I’d like to thank the social worker volunteer for her assistance obtaining health insurance in less than two minutes. She’s definitely an angel. Asbury First, URMC, and the people I’ve met associated with it are just wonderful to me."
— Louise, UR Well Clinic patient

"Our guests remain very grateful for our efforts. We see most of them on a regular basis. I hear: 'God Bless you and thank you for still being open' on a regular basis."
— Michele Coolley, Former Director of the Dining & Caring Center